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Time is running out for some of our most treasured animals, with the threat of extinction looming unless drastic action is taken. There are a number of threats to these animals, but humans remain the greatest threat of all are are responsible for many of the issues facing conservationists today.

Population increases have led to an increased need for food, space and products, which have been harvested at the expense of other species. Furthermore hunting and poaching have helped contribute to the mass decline in animal numbers, so much so that many species now face the very real threat of extinction, and once an animal becomes extinct, it is lost forever.

Help Change The Future

Adopting an animal is a truly wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one. When you adopt an animal you are not only giving a gift to someone you are also giving a gift to the animal you choose to adopt. You will receive a fantastic gift pack with lots of information on your chosen species and you will receive regular updates on conservation efforts allowing you to see how you have helped.

With your help, animal conservationists can continue their valuable work and continue working to bring about positive changes for our endangered animals. You can play a part in bringing about these changes so future generations can enjoy these animals, just as we do today.

Furthermore, each species within an ecosystem plays a vital role in maintaining the fragile balance, and if one species becomes extinct it can have severe consequences for others, leading to problems on a much wider scale. Therefore it is vital that these ecosystems are preserved and saving endangered animals is one way we can help.

Who Do We Support?

We do not take payments on our site, your money goes directly to the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) or the Aspinall Foundation so you can be sure your money is benefitting them directly.  These two charities are at the forefront of wildlife conservation and their work has helped countless species throughout the world.

For many years the WWF and the Aspinall Foundation have worked tirelessly to bring about change for the benefit of endangered species, whether it be through research, campaigning for policy changes or actively protecting animals, they have been at the very forefront of conservation and are perhaps the reason why some endangered species are still around for us to enjoy.

Without them the animals and plants on the endangered species list would simply not stand a chance of survival and they would have been lost. However with your help, this vital work can continue, and we can continue to share and enjoy our amazing planet with other species.

Find Out More

You can find out more about conservation by reading our blog, which contains lots of useful information, relevant news and some interesting facts to keep you up to date with the efforts of conservationists throughout the world.