Provide help to an animal for as little as £3 a month, and make a connection that lasts.


  • Adopt an baboon
  • Adopt an gorilla
  • adopt an orang-utan
  • Adopt an lion
  • adopt a snow leopard
  • adopt a tiger
  • Adopt an elephant
  • Adopt a giraffe
  • Adopt a rhino
  • Adopt a Meerkat
  • Adopt a panda
  • adopt a polar bear
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The main aim of this site is to promote animal adoption to raise funds for conservation programs around the world to help save some of the worlds most amazing animals from extinction. The WWF and The Aspinall Foundation are world renowned organisations at the forefront of wildlife conservation, without their work many species would stand little or no chance of survival. Therefore it is vital that they be allowed to continue their work with as much support as possible.

Who is it for?

Animal adoption is for anyone especially people who love wildlife and are passionate about saving endangered species. Children in particular love to feel a connection to a living thing especially one considered wild. The gift will become extra special when they find out how it is helping save endangered wildlife from extinction.

We only act as a gateway and therefore do not take payments on site for the adoption of animals.

How do I complete my adoption?

Simply visit the relevant page on our site and click the link, which will take you through to the charity website, which will allow you to complete your adoption.

Thanks for visiting us and considering adopting an animal. We hope you can help us ensure a bright future is ahead for some of our most endangered wildlife.