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The Drill (Mandrillus leucophaeus) is an old world primate similar in appearance and closely related to the mandrill. A notable difference between the two however is the drill baboon’s lack of bright colour on its face. The species is recognised as endangered by the IUCN and they are entirely dependent on conservation with estimates suggesting there are less than 3,000 remaining in the wild, with similar declines in zoo populations across the world.

The populations are only found in small parts of Africa with their entire range covering less than 40,000km. Very little research has been conducted into the wild behaviour of the Drill but they are known to migrate according to the seasons but as their range has declined it has become increasingly difficult for them to migrate.

Threats To The Drill Baboon

  • Drill baboons are hunted across their range for bush meat, and it is a common for hunters to be accompanied by dogs who will herd up an entire group for the hunters to shoot.
  • The largest threat comes from deforestation and habitat destruction to make way for human dwellings and agriculture.

Help Save A Species – Adopt A Drill Baboon

The Drill Baboon is reliant on conservation to save it from extinction; without our help they will become extinct in the very near future.  From just £3 per month you can adopt a drill baboon and make a real difference to the future of the species. In return for your purchase you’ll receive a wonderful adoption gift pack, which includes free entry to an Aspinall Foundation wildlife park in Kent so you can visit your Drill Baboon and find out more about the conservation work done by the Aspinall Foundation.

adopt a baboon

Baboon adoption is a fabulous way to support conservation efforts and save a remarkable animal from extinction. The drill baboon plays a vital role in the African ecosystem they belong to and to lose them would be devastating. Getting involved by adopting a baboon will leave you with a real sense of pride knowing that you have done your bit to help change the world.

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