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Despite living in the sea dolphins are mammals, and are known worldwide for their intelligence. Using their amazing echolocation they are able to track their prey but have been known to follow fishing boats searching for leftovers.

Threats to Dolphins

  • Hunting and “drive fisheries” are perhaps the single largest threat. Across the world dolphins are hunted for food and in some places they are killed to eliminate perceived competition with commercial fisheries;
  • Commercial fishing sees large numbers of dolphins killed each year after becoming trapped in nets and drowned;
  • Unsustainable fishing practices are responsible for a reduction in crustaceans and small fish which form the majority of a dolphin’s diet.
  • Coastal dolphins fall victim to increased shipping activity which results in many animals suffering horrendous injuries and often death.
  • Dolphins are captured alive for use in public displays and research. Furthermore the military have used dolphins in several areas around the world.

Dolphins really are amazing animals, with scientists believing they can understand numerical values. Find out more about them with our dolphin facts.

How You Are Helping

When you adopt a dolphin your money helps with:

  • Developing and promoting sustainable fishing practices and the use of improved fishing nets to limit the effects of accidental drowning.
  • Increasing the number of protected areas in the marine environment to provide more safe areas for the animals to live;
  • Providing education on dolphin conservation;
  • Cleaning up the oceans to remove pollution so that both dolphins and their prey can flourish.

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