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There are less than 1,000 Rothschild giraffe left in the wild and research suggests numbers are decreasing. Without our help this species faces extinction in the very near future.

Threats to the Rothschild Giraffe

  • Due to their distinctive markings Rothschild giraffes have been hunted ruthlessly for their pelt and also their meat which is highy prized by poachers.
  • The population in Africa has expanded rapidly over the last century and this has led to problems associated with habitat encroachment; Humans have destroyed habitat to make way for agricultural developments as well as settlements and roads and this had made it extremely difficult for the giraffes to compete for space and food.

How You Are Helping

The future is uncertain for this wonderful animal but through the giraffe adoption scheme you can support the Aspinall Foundation who work tirelessly to protect endangered animals and return them to the wild. In particular you can help:

  • Feed and maintain animals at the wildlife park and around the world;
  • Provide resources for breeding programs to re-populate the Rothschild giraffes;
  • Fund vital research projects so we can better understand the needs of the giraffe. Very little research has been conducted into the species so more is needed if we are to save this valuable animal.

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