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There are less than 200,000 Western Lowland Gorillas left in the wild, and they are listed as critically endangered by the IUCN.

Threats To The Western Lowland Gorilla

  • Large scale deforestation in Central Africa has severely impacted gorilla populations, leading to fragmentation and increased competition for space with humans and other species;
  • Gorillas are highly prized by poachers who have hunted them ruthlessly for some time. Their fur and body parts fetch high prices from illegal sales but it is perhaps the bushmeat trade which accounts for the most deaths at the hands of poachers.
  • The Ebola virus is a major threat to the species, and is responsible for many deaths each year. In 2004 an entire population of several hundred gorillas in the Republic of Congo was wiped out by the virus and a later study estimated that as many as 5,000 of these magnificent animals have died in recent outbreaks.

How You Are Helping

From just £3 per month you can adopt a gorilla and help provide food and warmth for animals in Zoos and also help ensure research and conservation projects can continue in the wild so that wild populations remain protected and are given every opportunity to grow in number, as well as giving scientists the chance to understand the species better so we can cater to their specific needs.

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