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The Barbary or Atlas lion became extinct in the wild after the last known animal was shot and killed in 1922 in Morocco.  The range of this majestic animal once covered much of North Africa from Morocco to Egypt and included the Atlas mountains where it takes its name.

Until recently it was thought this species was extinct, not just in the wild but in captivity too, however there are possible Barbaries may still exist in Zoos and circuses around the world. Conservationists and scientists are now working tirelessly to develop a breeding program to increase the numbers of this popular zoo animal. The Barbary Lion Project aims to increase numbers sufficiently to begin reintorducing the species back into its natural habitat.

The Plight of The Barbary Lion

Since the middle ages, people have kept Barbary lions as pets and throughout the 19th and 20th century they were kept in hotels and circuses as a means of entertaining guests and visitors.  The Barbary lion has long been extinct in the wild and the following are thought to be major contributors to the animals demise:

  • Unrestricted hunting for body parts that were used as “trophies” by the hunters.
  • Human encroachment due to expanding populations;
  • Cattle herding and other farming practices have led to habitat destruction and depletion in prey numbers.

How you can help

adopt a lion

Adopt a Barbary Lion and get involved in helping resurrect a species that was until recently thought to be extinct. There are plans to reintroduce this magnificent animal to the wild in Morocco but this will not be possible without the continued efforts of conservationists. Adopting a Barbary lion will support this vital conservation work so barbary lion numbers can continue to increase  so we can once again see these remarkable animals in the wild.

When you adopt a Barbary lion you will receive a fabulous gift pack, which you can keep yourself, or give as a fantastic and meaningful gift to a loved one.  Whatever you choose to do you with your gift pack, you can feel proud knowing that you have played your part in saving one of the world’s most majestic animals from extinction.

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