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Snow Leopards are fairly large cats of the genus “Panthera” and although very little is known about their exact numbers the species is listed as endangered by the IUCN meaning this wonderful animal is entirely reliant on conservation for its survival.

Threats To The Snow Leopard

Despite being superbly adapted to its cold mountain environment the species faces a difficult life in the wild.

  • Ruthless hunting for their fur and ¬†body parts which are highly sought after across Asia and Russia.
  • As human populations have expanded and the need for livestock has increased and this has lead to habitat destruction from overgrazing, leaving less for the wild animals that form the leopards natural prey.
  • Lower numbers of natural prey have led the predatory snow leopard to take livestock from farms in order to eat. This has led to many retaliatory attacks from farms who kill the animals in order to protect their animals which form their livelihood.
  • Local people and governments often overlook environmental policy in favour of developing infrastructure and the economy, meaning the native animals suffer as a result.

How You Are helping

Through the snow leopard adoption scheme you can help raise money to help save this majestic cat. In particular:

  • Research and awareness to help local people understand the value of snow leopards and to prevent needless hunting; There are now a number of protected areas across Asia, which allow the snow leopards to roam and breed naturally.
  • Captive breeding programs to help re-populate snow leopards so that one day we can see more of them back in the wild; There have been numerous successful breeding programs in recent years giving conservationists hope for the future of this wonderful species.

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