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Every year, over thousands of marine turtles drown, entangled in the fishing lines and nets that choke the world’s oceans.

Threats To Turtles

  • The tortoiseshell trade remains a significant threat to the survival of the Hawksbill turtle. Their shells are used for a variety of ornaments throughout the Americas and Eastern Asia;
  • Intense egg collection across many parts of the world but especially in southeast Asia were reports suggest 100% of all eggs laid are collected. This has devastating consequences for the species with very few young allowed to hatch;
  • Both adults and young hawksbills are killed for meat, and in some areas the meat is used as bait for catching sharks;
  • Coastal habitats have been developed for tourism, which has seen huge swathes of nesting and feeding grounds destroyed;
  • Every year thousands of turtles die as a result of becoming entangled in fishing nets, however recent studies have shown that young hawksbills accounted for 47% of all turtles caught in nets.

Discover more interesting information with our hawksbill turtle fact-file

How You Are Helping

When you adopt a turtle, the money from your purchase goes towards:

  • Increasing public awareness of the plight of the turtles to generate interest in ecotourism projects;
  • Expand protected areas to provide increased nesting and feeding grounds;
  • Increasing the numbers of conservationists and researchers working on protecting turtles around the world;
  • Campaigning for tougher legislation and an improvement to enforcement to limit bring about an end to the trade in hawksbill products.

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