Provide help to an animal for as little as £3 a month, and make a connection that lasts.


  • Adopt an baboon
  • Adopt an gorilla
  • adopt an orang-utan
  • Adopt an lion
  • adopt a snow leopard
  • adopt a tiger
  • Adopt an elephant
  • Adopt a giraffe
  • Adopt a rhino
  • Adopt a Meerkat
  • Adopt a panda
  • adopt a polar bear
  • Adopt a dolphin
  • Adopt a penguin
  • adopt a turtle


Cute & cuddly animals are great at putting a smile on our face. Sadly, the animals featured here face threats to their survival and they need your help.

From as little as £3, you can adopt a cute animal and help ensure its future survival.

Whether its the big eyes or the fluffy coats these cute animals really are the jewels of the animal kingdom. The very mention of these animals brings an instant smile to people’s faces. Imagine then, the smile that will be on a person’s face when you adopt one of these cute animals on their behalf. Adopting one of these cute animals is a fabulous way of helping save them from extinction, after all what would the world be like without animals such as the panda, or the meerkat?

ADOPT A BUSH DOG Help us to preserve the bush dog’s future.

ADOPT A MEERKAT Preserve the meerkat’s future.

ADOPT A PANDA Help us to protect the endangered giant panda.

ADOPT A POLAR BEAR Preserve the polar bear’s future.

These animals face extinction if we don’t do something to help them. A world without these cute and cuddly animals would be a much sadder place, so adopt a cute animal and put a big smile on someone’s face.