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China Crushes Confiscated Ivory

China has crushed 6.2 tonnes of confiscated ivory, in the first public destruction of part of its stockpile, after experts questioned Beijing’s commitment to stamping out smuggling.
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Poachers Caught With Tiger

Police were suspicious when they spotted two men loading what seemed to be a body in a sack into the back of a van. But when the patrol car stopped and the pair dropped the bundle in panic, what slipped out wasn’t the body they expected… it was that of a fully grown Siberian tiger.
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Chester Zoo celebrates new record

New figures released by the zoo reveal a total of 50,008 memberships were taken out in 2013, beating the previous best of 43,263 the year before.
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Chester Zoo Stocktake 11,000 Animals

From the smallest snail to the tallest giraffe, staff at Chester Zoo have been set the important task of counting every single animal in their care.
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